CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE ... as defined by you!


We start with an audit of where you are now and getting an understanding of what makes you tick.


A fun process to put you in future mindset and to experience how your best life will look, sound and feel.


Finally the magic starts and tangible changes occur...

Sessions are available face-to-face, online and by telephone - get in touch for your FREE 40 minute consultation. 

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Do you dream of being able to STOP, breathe, and have some space to re-prioritise and re-focus?

Turn that dream into reality...

After being asked by a number of my business coaching clients to work with various family members and friends, it became obvious that there is a real need for a coaching programme that is able to cover all aspects of life - which can then be tailored to focus on the individual personal requirements or issues.

 Whilst I’ve not got a clue how to fix a roof, I do thrive on working with people to give them the opportunity for space and reflection, whilst providing impartial and unconditional support and guidance.

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to lose your identity and focus, struggling to re-discover your purpose and passion for life. 

Having a non-judgemental, encouraging and supportive professional with the qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience to guide and hold you to account is often exactly what’s needed.

One-to-one coaching can sometimes be quite challenging, it isn’t uncommon for there to be a few tears, usually because the individual has been bottling things up or frustrated about issues for a while and hasn’t been sure how to address or maybe even articulate how they’re feeling. That can lead to an inability to move forward with a decisive and consistent action plan.

Working together with me, you can become unstuck, motivated and passionate again - it’s time to stop existing and start living!

   “if you had problems with a leaking roof you’d immediately get help to fix it, but if your life isn’t going to plan and you’re stuck in a rut, it can continue for years with you being miserable and  unhappy, with no clue how to change it”

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